September 11th Media Fast

September 11th Media Fast Name one person who didn't watch those planes crash into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and I will show you someone who lives under a rock. All of us remember being glued to the TV that day and the days following it as we tried to figure out what had just happened and who was responsible. The attacks killed around 3000 people and injured many more. It was a tragic time in this country and everyone wept for the events that had just occured.

2002 was the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Because our media has such a sensationalist way of doing things, I launched a media fast for that day. Around 20 people actually emailed to tell me that they were participating and countless others avoided media coverage that day of their own accord. This year, we are hitting the fifth anniversary. As this is somewhat of a milestone, the pictures of the attacks are all over the media and there are documentaries and presidential speeches and such planned for the day of the event. ABC has a muchly contested "docu-drama" scheduled and I've even heard reports of a book published by Knox Press that puts the blame on Bush and Cheney, saying that they orchestrated it.

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I'm asking is that those who desire to would make a fast from all media (TV & radio and possibly the Internet or newspapers depending on your level of media consumption). The reasons for the media fast:

If you have a website and want to show support, download the image to *your own server* (bandwidth theft makes me very grumpy) and link back to this page. If you think this is stupid, that's fine -- just don't participate. :)

One net thing that I am supporting (and participating in) is The 2,996 Project. I encourage you to check out the tributes and if you haven't signed up to participate and want to, let them know. -The Management of Peacefulwaters.Org