I go by Jen.

I am the beloved of a Lutheran pastoral intern.

I am the mommy of two gingerbread tabby kittens.

I am a fighting banana slug for Jesus.

Jesus is my best friend. This is most certainly true.

I want to be a pastor when I grow up. My favorite part of my seminary studies is Church History.

I read, crochet, write letters and poetry, walk, do web design, hike, do taebo, travel, herd my cats, pray, sing, listen to music, and cook for fun.

Politically, I veer toward the Democratic Party but I do cross party lines on occasion. (Bush was *not* one of those occasions.)

I support public radio and enjoy shows like Car Talk, All Things Considered, Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Whad' Ya Know?.

I am Protestant (specifically Lutheran) but I have a fascination with conservative Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and Islam. As a friend put it, I have a fascination with religions and denominations that are 1200 years old, use archaic languages, and require headcoverings for worship and occasionally in daily life.

I am a transplant to the Midwest. If I had my druthers, I'd be in Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, Ontario, the coast of New England, or in the Maritimes. (I like oceans and large bodies of water. Lake Erie doesn't cut it.)