my mommy has been very lazy in updating the blog for me given that she is home all the time… well, except when she’s taking the daniel kitten to appointments, picking up his medicine, or doing errands with him. still, she should be helping me update more frequently.

i have been very sad to hear about my friend ginger jasper and his troubles eating. mommy has been checking his site daily and we have been purring and praying for him.

the daniel kitten has been home for a month and a half now and unfortunately mommy and daddy are still having to give him shots twice a day. he doesn’t like it but his blood clot not dissolving and moving would be worse.

the daniel kitten is still refusing to sleep in his crib so i’ve been sleeping in there instead during the day. it keeps me out of the daniel kitten’s reach and it’s a nice quiet place… unless the little monster is in his nursery.


mommy is home again

mommy and the daniel kitten got home from the hospital last night after being gone for 2 1/2 weeks. mommy told me how much she missed me and that she asked daddy every day if he could bring me to visit. unfortunately, the hospital does not allow therapy cats.

i have not let mommy out of my sight today and have snuggled her extra hard. she has been stuck in bed with a migraine so i helped her rest today. i know it was not her fault that she was gone for so long — she had to make sure the daniel kitten was cured. unfortunately, he came home requiring shots so she and daddy have to give them to him twice a day.

i even snuggled the daniel kitten tonight because he is having a hard time adjusting to being home. he petted me. i think i could learn to like him.


purrs needed

the daniel kitten is critically ill and in the pediatric icu at uc davis medical center. mommy has been with him since she took him to the doctor on sunday and ended up being in three hospitals and transported by ambulance twice.

he caught some kind of virus that attacked his lungs and he is on a ventilator. he almost had to go on a special machine to rest his heart and lungs but he managed to make it without them having to do it.

mommy is completely flattened from everything that has happened.

please purr super hard for the daniel kitten and add some purrs for mommy.

northern california kitty now

mommy hasn’t posted for me lately because we have been in the process of moving… to northern california to be with daddy. his church called him full-time.

it was a nasty night last night with wind and rain and pounding on windows. mommy had wanted to spend the morning in bed with me and my siblings and her laptop… but her laptop battery and power cord simultaneously died. with much growling, she called compaq and they are getting new ones out to her… by tuesday. she has a computer-free weekend and she is NOT happy about it.

at least she is updating my site on daddy’s computer.

lazy mommy

i have been urging mommy to update for a long time but she is lazy!

daddy is still working up north and mommy is getting used to being a single mommy on the days he is gone. she has gone up with the daniel kitten two more times since i last blogged and the last time, she drove by herself.

the daniel kitten is also still in therapy and may be starting speech therapy soon to work on his eating and his language development. he is starting to really sit up on his own and pull up on things to stand up. mommy has yogurt snacks for him which are like pounce/greenies for kitties.

my siblings and i have been loving up mommy when she’s home. she had all 4 of us on the couch with her when she got home on tuesday. auntie jo jo is a good babysitter but we miss mommy.


the new normal

daddy has had his church job for 6 weeks now and mommy has gone up with him twice. auntie jojo has taken care of us during those times. when mommy is home, she spends a lot of time on the couch due to fatigue and i’ve been helping her during those times by snuggling her and purring for her.

the daniel kitten continues to improve though slowly. he now has therapy twice a week and may have more if he is accepted into the local state-funded center. it’s a stress for mommy and daddy because the daniel kitten HATES therapy and fights them tooth and claw.

mommy wanted me to make the following announcement from her site:

NaNoWriMo has come around again and in an effort to make my 30 days of writing mean something, I’ve decided to kill people off (or just write a character with your name into the story) for a donation. Here’s how it works:

Date: October 15th to November 30th (NaNoWriMo runs from November 1-30.)

Charity: March of Dimes

How This Works: Here is the link to Daniel’s band on the March of Dimes site. Click on that link to donate. I’ll check the band daily for who has donated. I don’t care if it’s a large or small amount. If you donate, I’ll write you into the story by either killing you off in the manner in which you choose (with some restrictions) or by naming a character after you. Once you donate, leave me a comment and let me know how you want to die/if you want a character named after you.

Restrictions: No ritual cannibalism. I reserve the right to veto the method of death if I find it too gruesome. (Ahem… Pisco.)

mommy will post a link to her nano page and to the daniel kitten link when she gets it up.



daddy has an interim pastor position at a church that is 7 hours north of where we live. he is up there 4 days a week and at home the other three days. mommy and the daniel kitten stay down here except for the weekend of 9/11 when they went up north with daddy. our auntie jojo came and took care of us that weekend. mommy says that this is not the most ideal situation but it means that daddy can earn money to buy us cat food so she is dealing with it.

mommy changed out our litterboxes on monday and put in new ones. my brother cullen was afraid of his new litterbox and ended up using the bed as a litterbox. mommy was not amused. it meant lots of laundry for grandma (who helps with the laundry) and a lot of clean-up by mommy. not a good thing.

the sort-of good thing about mommy being a single mom is that she’s more tired and thus will be on the couch for lap snuggles.


the kitten is mobile!

the daniel kitten isn’t quite crawling yet but still way too mobile and getting into trouble! mommy had to put up a baby gate this weekend which is high enough for me to get under but low enough that the daniel kitten can’t get under it. it means that we can get to our food and litterboxes but he can’t.

the daniel kitten also now will chase us and stalk us which does not make my brothers and sisters very happy. he chucked his bottle at my aunt alyssa and hit her which made my mommy laugh (alyssa is a crabby cat and does not get along with mommy) and mommy and grandma joked about duct taping a swiffer pad to his tummy to clean the floors.



sad news

my aunt kelly (the black and white cat who lives with grandma and grandpa) went to the rainbow bridge today. mommy didn’t know until they got to the vet that aunt kelly was going to the bridge.

please pray for my grandma and grandpa.