not fair!

the daniel kitten is always chasing me now! i’ll flee to mommy’s lap and she’ll try to protect me but she still lets him pet me. lately he has been pinching me which mommy stops immediately but i do not like this! he also makes loud noises to scare my siblings and me.

thankfully, he is back in school now so i get cuddles with mommy for 5 hours in the morning. he has afternoon therapy though for 3 hours so my siblings and i are locked in our lair. one of the therapists loves black cats but i have not gone out to see her yet.

now to “help” mommy play her computer games!


2 thoughts on “not fair!

  1. I know our pal Hendrix feels your pain – he’s got both a boy AND a girl drooler to share his meowm with!

    We are so happy to see an update from woo!


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