catching up

spammers tried attacking this site so mommy has had to come over and do lots of maintenance.  while she was working, i climbed on her lap and refused to get off her chest until she updated the site.  the daniel kitten is walking now and has learned how to run so i also didn’t want to leave because i didn’t want him to chase me.

the daniel kitten had another seizure in december, a week-long hospital stay in january, and another seizure in february.  mommy has also been fighting her own health issues and had to have a special camera look in her tummy in may. it turns out that she has lots of ulcers so she has been having to take special medicine and not eat certain foods.

other than that, life is normal. the daniel kitten has one full year of school finished and will finish up his summer session next week. he’ll be home for 2 weeks and then start the regular school year. mommy is kind of dreading this because she loves her mornings when daniel is at school. i like them too because sometimes she takes naps and i get to help her with those.