moved over here

my mommy has been very busy in the last few months.  the daniel kitten was off school for several weeks in june and then had 4 weeks of summer school.  during the time off, mommy and the daniel kitten took a surprise trip to los angeles to surprise daddy’s father for father’s day.  after 4 weeks of summer school, the daniel kitten was off for another 4 weeks and mommy did not have much online time.

when the daniel kitten went back to school, there was a problem with his teacher which caused mommy lots of hissing and growling.  thankfully, it got resolved.  mommy is also editing a book of devotions for a family friend right now so her lap is usually taken up by her laptop.  even when i come and purr on her chest, she hasn’t been good at updating my blog.  this is resulting in some well-placed clawing on my part so mommy decided to fix this.

mommy is having some problems updating wordpress and uploading stuff so please be patient — this will be a catted-up site soon.


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  1. Meow Edda your owner is awesome for typing for you. Mine is lazy I keep sitting on her keyboard telling her I want her to type for me but she doesn’t listen. I look forward to reading more about you here.

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