well, the daniel kitten has been in preschool for almost 2 months now and it means that he is gone for almost 5 hours in the morning and takes at least a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. my sunbeam is next to his pack n’ play so i guess you could say that i spend some time with him. my favorite activity is curling up on mommy and making her go back to sleep in the mornings. she says it ruins her productivity but i think she secretly likes it.

 mommy did the promise walk again this year and her team raised $800, $700 of which was mommy. she is very happy.

oh yes, mommy had a scare on april 6th. she had been out shopping all afternoon and came home to find the daniel kitten kind of loopy and fussy. she had him on her lap when he pitched to the side. she laid him on the floor and he started having a seizure. mommy grabbed the phone and dialed 911 while taking his temperature (which was 103F — very bad). all of a sudden the house filled with strange men and they took the daniel kitten and a crying mommy away. it turns out that the stomach bug he had made him spike a fever really quickly which caused the seizure. he was observed and given some tylenol at the hospital and sent home. daddy brought them home about 5 hours later. it was a bummer because the next day was the daniel kitten’s 3rd birthday and he couldn’t participate in the easter egg hunt. mommy and daddy had a small party for him at grandma and grandpa’s house on easter though.

 the daniel kitten finishes school next wednesday and has a few weeks off until summer school starts. mommy is happy for that because she enjoys her quiet mornings with me.