i am an inside panther and i love that lifestyle; but we have birds that sing in the middle of the night, and mommy sometimes asks me if i would mind going and clawing them on the shoulder and telling them to be quiet. i would probably rather eat the bird and also… do birds have shoulders?

i have done lots of hunting of mommy’s bookmark. it is made of white string and has a book charm at one end with a cross charm at the other. mommy sometimes forgets that i am stalking it and puts it in her lap when she reads in the evening. i jump on her lap for love and then run off with it, causing her to have to get up, chase me, retrieve it, clean it (mommy is a germphobe), and put it in the back of the book she is reading. my sister freya (who is one of the kleptopaws in the the house) taught me how to do this though instead of the bookmark, she likes to go after mommy’s hair instead, especially after mommy showers. (mommy thinks her suave ocean breeze shampoo has cat pheromones in it.)

mommy was sick and headachey this weekend so i had lots of cuddles with her. i slept at her feet and then within petting range when she was waking up. (i am one of her wake-up snuggle kitties) my brother cullen has done multiple rounds of tabby therapy with her which i know mommy appreciates. freya just attacks her hair and finian bats her with his floofy tail or head-butts her until he gets pets. she might be going to the human vet in the morning because she has had some kind of stomach problem that has not gone away for two months now. i will have to do lots of snuggling tomorrow.


fun site

mommy discovered a site called postcrossing where you send a random international person a postcard and another random person sends you one. she currently has five postcards “travelling” to belarus, canada, russia, taiwan, and norway. she and i are excited to see the countries from which we will receive postcards.

the daniel kitten is having a very grumpy day today. he does not want to play with his toys or do anything but be held by mommy or daddy. mommy thinks he is either getting too hot or that he has new fangs coming in. (he just got 4 new ones.)


strange birds

we had lots of noise last night. it kept mommy awake and made the daniel kitten wake up at 1:45 am. mommy said they were “ghetto birds” but i cannot understand why these birds are so loud and why they were hanging around last night because we do not live in the ghetto. there were also loud noises and mommy was wondering if there was a crime being committed or if there was an accident and people were being taken to the hospital.

(jen’s note: “ghetto birds” are a nickname for police helicopters that we picked up when we lived in ohio. the place where we lived had the largest fleet of them in the nation. we also live a mile from a major hospital and we wondered if people were getting transferred to or from there by helicopter.)

we like having mommy at the snuggery. i get lots of snuggle time while she reads though she really does not like me stealing her bookmark. (why does she use one made of string if i am not supposed to steal it?


all together now

we are all down together at the snuggery. the daniel kitten started sleeping down here on monday night and mommy is down here tonight. so far, she thinks the neighbors are loud so she has the windows closed.

tomorrow, we have to put mommy’s clothes and the clean laundry away. we also are getting a tall bookcase for daddy’s spare books (which mommy did not want him to unpack) and also for the printer and some of mommy’s computer stuff. mommy has promised to make it a cat-friendly bookcase so that there is a place for us to sleep on the lower levels.

the daniel kitten had his first birthday yesterday and had to go to the human kitten vet for a check-up and shots. he weighs 18 lbs 3 oz. now which is bigger than all of the cats at the snuggery and bigger than all the cats at grandma and grandpa’s house except for alyssa who is probably 20 lbs now. in the evening, the family had a party with cake and presents. mommy is in shock that the daniel kitten is a year old now considering that a year ago, she was fighting for her life and they had to take him out of mommy’s tummy to save both their lives. mommy says she feels very blessed to have a happy and healthy baby. we just hope he doesn’t scream too much any more.

this weekend is going to be very busy because mommy and daddy are having the church ceremony recognizing the daniel kitten’s baptism in the nicu last year. daddy had to do an emergency baptism because the daniel kitten was so sick and they planned on having a special ceremony for his first birthday. mommy’s parents and her evil twin brother are coming down and there are some other family members coming. mommy’s mommy brings us tuna so i am very excited that she is coming.


in california with no internet

greetings all!

i have been without internet for a month because there is none at the snuggery where my siblings and i live with daddy. mommy has been staying with daddy’s parents with the daniel kitten so she can recover from the toll that everything has taken on her health. when she came over to clean today, i dictated this entry to her.

the move was not fun. we drove for 3 days in the car but mommy did make sure we had nice hotel rooms to explore at night with windows and places to sleep and survey our kitty domains. she put freya and i in the snuggery before everyone moved in and we decided to take refuge in the linen closet. cullen and finian came the next day and joined us. daddy and mommy have been busy making the snuggery into a home for us. the only bad part is that we are exiled from the bedroom so our only places to haunt are the living room, kitchen, and linen closet! i am not amused!

there is a gang of wild cats that patrols outside and mommy “cat-proofed” the garden so they can’t dig there. she also planted lots of seeds so we’ll have flowers that bring the butterflies and bees. we will hopefully be able to watch them out the windows. 🙂

mommy and daniel are hoping to get to move in soon. mommy will be with us tomorrow because she has to make a special dessert for easter on sunday. i am looking forward to getting lots of snuggles and maybe helping a bit too.