mommy is blogging for haiti

mommy is doing a blogathon to raise money for the earthquake victims in haiti. she will be spending 12 hours writing a murder mystery as her theme. i do not know what an earthquake is but mommy was in a BIG one when she was a kitten. i think it was as big as the one in haiti though the damage was not quite as bad. she has promised that there will be a black cat in the story, so i approve.

on sunday, i was walking by the daniel chair when he reached out and touched me. i was a little affronted but i let him pet me. mommy has been rubbing his head and back like one would pet a kitty so i think he is learning what to do. he has a gentle touch, anyway. i have also discovered that mommy can give me pets with one hand when she is feeding him or doing “tummy time” with him, so i will climb on her lap and have snuggles then.


all melty outside

the sun has come out and the white stuff is going away. i am a happy panther.

mommy has been really busy with work lately and i keep forgetting to claw her into updating. daddy is trying to find another church where he can tell people about Jesus so he has also been busy. the daniel kitten is being a 9 month old — mommy and daddy are trying to get him to be on his tummy so he can learn how to crawl. when he learns to crawl, he can chase us kitties so i do NOT approve of this.

someone gave mommy a snuggie for christmas and she loves it. i love it too because it creates a perfect black cat lap spot. the best thing: it gets even softer after mommy washes it.


happy mew year!

mommy did not help me update for awhile because she was flat on the couch with an ear infection. i helped her lie on the couch with her head on a hot water bottle. her vet finally gave her ear drops and after two doses, she apologized to us cats for all the ear drops we have had to have.

mommy took the daniel kitten to seattle for christmas to see family and got to visit my aunt emily who is a calico cat. emily was ok with daniel and having the daniel kitten gone meant that daddy loved up on us kitties.

there is still lots of white stuff outside. i am so NOT impressed.