time with mommy

mommy and daddy have been down in great falls every day with the daniel kitten. mommy calls about him when she gets up in the morning and before she goes to bed. she says that he is doing well and that he will be able to come home in 8 weeks.

mommy still has a sore tummy from where they had to take daniel out. i have to be careful on her lap because she winces if my back paws end up on her incision site. she does not have fur so she does not have to worry about it growing back. the fur has never grown back over the spot on me where they made sure i was not going to have any kittens.

i am happy to have her home again. i missed her when she was at the hospital with daniel.


new little tomkitten

mommy got home on saturday night. daddy had tried to explain to me why i was suddenly left with my babysitters but i’m not sure i understand. mommy had her tomkitten but they are making her keep it at the hospital until it is much bigger. are they afraid that my sister freya will eat it?

mommy has been spending her home time sleeping on the couch. i have helped her as much as i can. my brother cullen is also helping her. she and daddy are having to spend part of their day down in the big city so they can see the daniel tomkitten so she is tired when she comes home.

mommy also wanted me to share the link to his caringbridge site:



tomkitten comes early

This is Jen, Edda’s mommy. Edda hasn’t been able to blog since Sunday because I got really sick and they had to take me down to the special hospital and take the tomkitten out. The tomkitten’s name is Daniel James and he was born on Tuesday morning (April 7th) at 3:46 a.m. MDT. He’s in the NICU for the forseeable future and I’m in the hospital for at least another few days. I miss Edda and her siblings terribly and wish I could have them down here with me. Thankfully, Edda has her favorite babysitter and her daddy will be home tonight.

Thank you for all the purring done on my behalf. Please continue to keep Daniel and I in your purrs and prayers and thoughts.

mommy on bedrest

the tomkitten in mommy’s tummy is making her blood pressure too high. bad tomkitten!

because of this, mommy’s vet has ordered her to be on bedrest for four days until they can get her blood pressure down. mommy is growly about this because she hates bedrest. i do not understand this but i am also a black cat and i like my naps.

daddy will be gone for most of it and he has asked my siblings and i to help mommy stay in bed. this means extra snuggles for us but also probably no blogging. please think good thoughts and purr hard for my mommy.


broken cat sauna

we had icky white stuff on sunday. i am not a happy black cat!!!

in addition, my cat sauna (mommy’s space heater) broke on sunday. i like using daddy’s space heater because it is on the floor and more powerful than mommy’s but still… it took mommy three days to try and replace my cat sauna and the stores aren’t selling them right now. what is wrong with those stupid human people running the stores?!?!?!?!?! i am a black cat! i need a working cat sauna!!!!

daddy is sick now so he was on the couch today with me and my brother cullen. mommy is going to have to spray the stinky stuff on the couch to kill the germs even though she has the same cold. she was very sick last week with a throat infection so cullen and i had to help her sleep and take naps. the tomkitten in her belly is also doing strange things so she has had to stay lying down.