meowy christmas

my babysitter couldn’t come over to help mommy wrap presents on monday because there was too much snow. my sister freya and i “helped” though. i helped mommy hold down the fleece she was cutting for a blanket and then the two of us “helped” mommy wrap presents by playing with the towel on which she was wrapping them. first, i noticed this black thing moving and started chasing it… before realizing that it was my tail. then… freya started chasing my tail. mommy sure rolls her eyes a lot when she is using wrapping paper and tape. we also held the wrapping paper down for her. we are good helpers. 🙂

mommy was home today except for her and daddy having to go to church. i got snuggles in the morning and then mommy played with us using a long piece of leftover fleece. we played so much that i got tired and had to take a nap!

mommy and daddy are home tomorrow after noon and then until friday night when they leave for great falls to go to the airport. while they are home, mommy will be trying to transfer her files over to her new laptop. i can’t wait to blog from it!


too cold for black cats

it was -42 counting the windchill on saturday. mommy tried going into town but got sick all over herself and had to deal with her stomach contents freezing on her. (daddy went out and cleaned the car in the freezing weather.) i had to give mommy extra cuddles because she was bundled under blankets. she was sick again on monday but she had gotten an electric blanket so she had a way to keep us both warm.

there has been lots of snow and i have been very confused because it is all white outside. mommy has tried explaining it to me but i still do not understand the color white.

mommy is going to see if my babysitter can come over and wrap christmas presents for her on monday in exchange for love time with me. i hope she can come over. my babysitter is very nice.


winter in montana

it is supposed to get below 0F this weekend for the first time this winter. it is not too much of an issue for me because i am an indoor panther and can stay warm. mommy is not happy because she has to go outside and drive to work in the cold. she is wondering how she ever used to like winter! we are also supposed to get snow.

mommy was home yesterday because she was feeling icky so i gave her cuddles and we watched a show on animal planet called “growing up black bear”. as mommy and daddy tease me about being the black bear cub, it was fun to watch.

right now, i am being a bookcase kitty and curling up in the corner of a bookcase in mommy’s study. my sister freya is very mad that i am in her study but mommy is not letting her beat me up.


more snow!

it snowed on tuesday. mommy was not happy because it made her commute very bad. it was the most snow we have had this winter and i was very confused by the white world outside and me being a black cat. i meowed at daddy to try and get an explanation but he did not have one for me.

i woke mommy up at 6:30 this morning, forgetting that it was not a work day for her. she rolled over and went back to sleep for another 7 hours. i curled up with her toward the end of it and went to sleep at her feet. my brothers found spots in the living room and we all took naps with her. mommy appreciated it when she woke up and found us.

no kitten pictures of the one in her belly because mommy has not found a scanner that works yet. she will try to have them for me to post in the next week or so.


headaches and kitten pictures

i saw mommy’s pictures of the kitten in her belly. i agree with her — it still looks like a sea monkey! mommy will scan them this weekend so that i can post a few on here. both mommy and daddy were very excited to see what the kitten in mommy’s belly looked like on the ultrasound screen. mommy said it was waving its little paws at them!

mommy is home today with a headache. thank goodness for mary (her headache vet) who found a medication that mommy can take to make her headache go away! she felt better by the afternoon but still stayed down to rest. it meant extra cuddles for me, so i’m not complaining!

off to take the christmas tree apart!