hiding from the light

here’s a picture of me trying to hide:

it fits the theme in our house right now. mommy has a bad migraine — the kind i think that lasts DAYS instead of just going away. she came home from work yesterday and settled on the couch (where all of us hang out) with a quilt over her head. she slept most of the time from when she got home yesterday until about 2 p.m. today when she finally got up. she’s transcribing my meows but i think she just wants to go back to sleep! if she’s going back to sleep, i need to go help her sleep by staying with her.

huffle: those are nice claws you have. mine are comparable though that means that mommy is going to trim mine soon. (she’ll trim my sister freya’s first though — freya has left marks on mommy’s hands!!!)


home alone

this is me guarding mommy and daddy’s celtic studies book collection:

my mommy is in great falls today. her aunt and uncle live there and she is going to see them after she runs errands. she’s going to church down there and then going to run errands. she was going to find harry potter stuff for the kids’ table at the church dinner and auction but now she has to find different stuff because some of the other people at the church don’t like harry potter. she and daddy thought about a camp/outdoors themed table so she is going to find camp food, trail mix, and stuff like that.

daddy has to go teach people about Jesus at his three churches today. he is then going to the nursing home to teach people about Jesus there before he has to go to the court of honor for the boy scouts he works with. he will probably not be home until late.

last night, mommy did a photo shoot and got some new pictures for the blog. i was a good girl and cooperated… sort of. mommy did not get all the shots she wanted but the shots she did get (and kept) are good ones of me.


saturday adventures

here i am helping mommy sort her yarn box:

aren’t i a good helper?

mommy has been working hard on her triathlon. she has biked the last few nights and has come home tired. this morning, i woke her up at 7:30 am and she told me that it was saturday and that i needed to be set on snooze. i came back at 11:00 and cuddled her until she finally got up around noon. i then set my sites on getting love from daddy who loved me up while mommy checked her email upstairs and tried to catechize my sister freya. mommy then left to do errands and i settled in the living room with daddy who was reading the newspapers.

mommy laughed when she saw huffle’s comment about playing “thundering herd of elephants” at 3 a.m. apparently, my brothers used to play a game like that and she referred to them as a “thundering horde of cats”. now, we just play 3-d tag at 3 a.m. and jump all over the dining room table and furniture.

i also should tell khyra that not all orange cats are bad. my brother cullen is a really nice cat and he’s an orange tabby. he’s afraid of dogs (well… he’s afraid of everything) but he’s an example of a good orange cat.

i’m off to help mommy get her steps in today!


mommy says “game on!”

the picture today is of me and my brother finian when he let me sleep with him on the throne in mommy’s office:

mommy said “game on!” to her co-workers challenging her. even though her ankle was a bit swollen and hurting, she still walked yesterday. she came home feeling icky with something called a panic attack and i had to keep her company on the couch as she lay there with a quilt up over her head. she gets these occasionally and i know my job is to love her up and just be a good panther for her.

her ankle was better today and she even went and rode her bike for the first time in 14 years. (daddy went and got it put back together for her.) she only got to ride about 1.75 miles (3 km for huffle) but she is proud of herself. i think she will sleep well tonight.


music and possible visits from a friend

here’s a picture of me helping mommy with a shawl she was making:

aren’t i a helpful panther?

mommy was telling daddy that apparently, she’s doing so well in the virtual triathlon that her competitors have declared war on her and are trying to beat her next week to win a free casual day. daddy is going to take mommy’s bike in to have it fixed so she can get some extra miles riding her bike this week and keep people from beating her. i hope she can do it!

daddy had a funeral today but does not have a council meeting so he has a free night. as soon as i dictate this to mommy, i’m going to go down and help him watch tv. he usually tunes it to a sirius satellite radio channel that plays alternative music. i’m not a fan of it but my sister freya is. i like the stuff mommy listens to better.

huffle is planning a world tour of sorts. i hope she comes to see me in montana. we can stalk trains together and beat up my brother finian for all the times he has beat me up. i’m sure mommy wouldn’t mind another black cat in the house. we’ve even got afghans for huffle to curl up under if she misses her mommy’s doona.


mommy is virtually a triathlete!

here i am on the bed in “the treehouse”. (our third floor is two bedrooms. one is mommy’s study and the other is a spare room.) mommy’s book is on the bed with me.

according to mommy who went and walked at lunchtime, it was very hot today. i wouldn’t know because i was in the house with daddy and we were staying cool. there was lots to watch out the window — i like this weather better than rain. there were lots of trains to stalk and birds to watch.

mommy’s work is doing a “virtual” triathlon where people can track what they walk/bike/swim/run. mommy is doing the walking category and she has this red clicky thing on all the time that counts her steps. (jen (edda’s mommy)’s note: it’s called a pedometer.) i think on her virtual triathlon blog it says that she has walked 43 miles so far. that’s a very long way!!! she and daddy have joked about attatching a pedometer to us cats to see how far we walk in a day. i think we’d make that day a nap day!!! mommy’s goal is 250 miles. do you think she’ll make it???


embarrassing story time!

this is edda’s mommy, jen. these pictures were taken about two and a half years ago.

i was on the second floor when i noticed that the door to the guest room was open.

i went in and saw that there was a lump in the bed. what could it be???

possibly someone who wasn’t supposed to be in there??? silly edda!

in my defense, i would like to say that it was nice and private there. freya has her own floor — i need my own space!

i woke mommy up 30 minutes before her alarm went off and we had snuggle time. i know she would have liked to stay in bed after her alarm went off but she had to shower, eat breakfast, take her yucky pills (jen’s note: they’re fish oil capsules — they’re pretty yucky), and use the noisy machine to dry her hair. church is now at a farther away building so she was gone a long time today!!! i did get petting time when she came home though.

mommy has been busy on the computer doing her own blogging and downloading things to put on her ipod. it’s name is “panimatushka” (jen: “pastor’s wife” in ukranian — all my electronics are named after some title for a pastor’s wife) and it’s light green. mommy listens to it on her drive to work, when she isn’t having to talk to people at work, and on her way home. she likes shows from npr, cbc, and the bbc. she also listens to singers and bands like nickel creek, loreena mckennitt, maire brennan, selah, and simon & garfunkel.

right now, daddy is downstairs watching basketball with my brothers cullen and finian. mommy is going downstairs shortly to finish making dinner. i think i’ll go help her.

(to mickey and huffle: i didn’t get a special treat for guarding mommy except for extra playtime and cuddle time.)


rainy nights and drippy mornings

first, the picture:

this is me being an alarm cat for mommy. (huffle, this is another archived picture.)

shortly after mommy pressed the publish button last night, she started hearing lots of noise. a few minutes later, daddy got home and told us that we were getting thunder and lightning and needed to turn the computer off. so… mommy turned the computer off and we all went downstairs except for freya who decided that she wanted to remain upstairs in her lair for awhile longer. (she thinks mommy’s study is hers and lets mommy use it occasionally.)

i slept with mommy last night to keep her safe and when she woke up this morning, i was on top of her. we had a nice wake-up snuggle before she got up to get breakfast. afterwards, she and daddy and i watched a show on the history channel about vlad the impaler who i guess is the basis for the character “dracula”. he was a nasty person and some of the things he did grossed mommy out.

mommy left to go run errands a little later and reported that the rain had stopped and that it was just kind of drippy outside. while she was gone, i took my noon and early afternoon naps and watched the bunnies, birds, and trains out the window.

mommy is home now and will be cooking things downstairs as soon as daddy finishes making his pizza dough. i hope she’s making something i can eat too — i love helping mommy cook.

no word yet on bartholemew coming home. i’m hoping that mommy isn’t right and he hasn’t been eaten by coyotes.


the news from montana

this is me showing off the beautiful light shadows that the door on the 2nd floor makes. (huffle: this is an archived picture.)

mommy and daddy got a sad phone call last night from my grandma (daddy’s mommy). bartholemew (who my mom refers to as “the great white” and “the daisy with fangs”) hasn’t been seen since tuesday morning and they think he might have been eaten by a coyote. please think good thoughts that he comes home and if your humans do it, have them pray for him to come home and for my grandparents and my aunt joanna because they are very sad.

in other news, mommy has been getting down on the floor and playing with me using the feather toy that my other grandma (my mommy’s mommy) gave to me and my siblings last year when she and my grandpa came to visit. i love to chase the feather but unfortunately, so do my brothers. mommy has to make sure they are taking naps when she plays with me, otherwise they try to butt in. daddy also tries to play with me when he’s working at home like he has been this week. i know that next week will be busy for him because he has a funeral on tuesday to conduct and lots of church things to do.

my mommy’s parents are coming in a month and i am excited because my grandma appreciates my beauty. they usually bring us toys and i’ve given mommy my list of what i want grandma to bring me. grandma likes to get down on the floor and play with me. she also does yoga which i like to help with and only get to do with mommy when she is stretching out after kickboxing. i also get tuna when mommy’s parents come because mommy is trying to get us cats out and visible. my siblings are very shy so i just come out and eat their portion of the tuna.

tomorrow is saturday which means that i get extended snuggle time with mommy. i know huffle got coffee time with her mommy this morning but that it was short and her mommy took her off the bed so she could re-make it. my mommy and daddy let us stay on the bed and they just make the bed over us and play “bump” with us while we’re under the sheets!

to mama/mr.sippi/carolina: i had my mommy add your link to the side of the blog. i have never been to iowa but i used to live in minnesota which i think is close by. mr.sippi: my mommy thinks you have a cute name.