cold cold wet day

the sun did not shine. it was too wet to play. so we sat and we sat all that cold cold wet day. i sat there with edda…

mommy! this is my blog! this is not the place where you recite the cat in the hat to freya and i!

sorry, sweetheart!

ok… here’s a picture from the archives:

the blanket was made by daddy’s mom for my mommy for christmas 8 years ago. the picture was taken in mommy’s old office in minnesota.

it’s a cold wet day here in montana. mommy slept part of the night upstairs wanting to listen to the rain fall and i woke her up at 6:45 after she had moved downstairs. she reminded me that this is sunday and she gets to sleep in a bit on sundays. i woke her up again at 7:15. she reminded me again that this is sunday and she gets to sleep in a bit on sundays and would i please put my cat alarm on snooze? when her nasty beeping alarm went off at 8:00, she picked me up and i snuggled her until she had to get up ten minutes later and get ready to go to church with daddy so he could teach people about Jesus.

daddy only had to go to one church today because the roads up north are all yucky with the rain so he came in after mommy had been home for awhile. i was upstairs in mommy’s study where she had her heater on and i had brought her one of my catnip mouses. she petted me and told me that i was a good panther.

huffle complained about her mommy’s “sleepy pants” so i thought i’d show you the ones my mommy is wearing today so us cats could compare.

here’s a close-up of the pants:

i actually like mommy’s pants — they’re soft and i can crawl into the legs of them and sleep when she’s gone during the day. (a note from edda’s mommy, jen: i’m not sure i like edda telling y’all that she can fit into the legs of my pj bottoms so i feel compelled to explain that edda is not a very large panther and these pants are a size too big and very stretchy.)


wake up mommy!

first, this was a blankie that mommy made in minnesota colors to raise money for tsunami victims. i’m nap-testing it for her:

she raised $100 which got donated to various charities helping out victims of the tsunami that happened at christmas 2004. i don’t know what a tsunami is but i know it involves lots of water and that can’t be good!

mommy was very tired from last night so i had to go wake her up multiple times this morning by jumping on her and putting my cold nose on hers. her back was covered by a shirt — otherwise, i would have put my cold nose between her shoulder blades as that usually wakes her up. i also purred for her and mewed at her. she rewarded me by giving me my yucky medicine. how is that fair?!?!?!?

while mommy went to town to do errands and go for a walk, i watched football with daddy. the seahawks beat the raiders so both mommy and daddy are very happy. i am personally a carolina panthers fan so i’ll be rooting for them if they ever play the seahawks.


three day weekend

first: this picture is of me checking out the purse mommy made herself 4 years ago:

let her know if you want instructions on how to make one yourself.

mommy has come home exhausted the last few days so she hasn’t been on the computer much and i haven’t been able to get on it to blog. last night, she fell asleep with me watching tv and was woken up by daddy so they could do their evening prayers. i am a good panther so i hung out with them while they prayed. both of them pet me while they pray so i love evening prayer.

both mommy and daddy (well… mommy at least) have a three day weekend and she was telling daddy that she doesn’t want to make any plans. i like this because maybe mommy will hang out on the couch with me and do the thing she does with a hook and yarn. (a note from edda’s mommy jen: that “thing i do with a hook and yarn” is crocheting.) i like helping mommy with the yarn though i don’t think she likes me helping her.

mommy is also participating in a “virtual triathlon” at work so she might be wrapping her injured hind paw in a stretchy thing and doing some walking with the thing on her waist that clicks and counts her footsteps. she has thought of taking me for a walk on my harness and cat leash but hasn’t yet. i think it would be fun, especially to go chase the bunnies.


mommy is not amused

here’s a picture of me staring at the afghan mommy was making for aunt joanna:

it was a good afghan and aunt joanna liked the afghan a lot.

this morning, my siblings and i found a mouse that had gotten in the parsonage and decided to play with it before we killed it. mommy woke up at 3 a.m. to some growling, mewing, and high-pitched squeaking. so… she started trying to trap the mouse with us chasing it and she tossed it outside when she caught it 45 minutes later. we were very cross because we were having fun chasing it and we were about to draw claws to see who got to kill and eat it. mommy was not happy because we woke her up. daddy thought it was very funny and was telling us jokingly not to play with our food. mommy just glared at him.

mommy got home early tonight and i got extra snuggles from her before we came up to blog. my chin is almost completely healed and she let me only swallow 0.75 mg of my nasty meds if i cooperated with her. i’m hoping she goes to bed early so i can get purring time with her tonight.


i’m a ninja! rowr!

the title has to do with the following picture:

this was january 2005 and we were living in minnesota. mommy had been outside playing in the snow and she had come in and stripped down to her long underwear. her thermals are black so she decided that she needed to take a picture with me because she was wearing black like me! she refers to this picture as “the ninjas”.

when mommy doesn’t have an injured hind paw like she does now, she likes to kickbox. when she kickboxes, i like to critique her form and try to catch her foot when she kicks. mommy finds this incredibly funny though she isn’t quite as amused when i try to pounce on her hair when she’s stretching out afterwards. when i do that, she usually grabs me and holds me while she’s stretching. (she wears a sports bra and sweats so she has a bare tummy and she says i’m a good “bare skin kitty”, whatever that means.)

it rained today so i didn’t have much to watch out the windows. the trains kept sneaking up on the house but the bunnies and birds were not out. mommy was also gone for a long time today because she was making up hours at work. she gave me my medicine when she got home and i decided to not swallow some of it. she told me i was silly. how am i supposed to be defiant when mommy is laughing at me?!?!?!?

both mommy and daddy are going to be gone tomorrow but mommy will probably go to bed after she showers and blogs tonight so i’ll get some snuggle time with her then.

oh… mommy says to tell huffle that her nose is not nice and wet. apparently, that’s not a good thing for humans. mommy also hopes huffle is enjoying her sunbeam. i like sunbeams too — mommy refers to my warm fur as me being “sun-kissed” and she jokes that i have a solar-powered tummy.


pesto and mommy’s trip to the vet

here’s a picture from the archives of me on top of mommy’s bookcase again:

mommy got some pesto made last night so the downstairs smelled like basil and garlic. i thought it smelled like something i would want to eat but mommy said it would be bad for my tummy. darn!

mommy’s last vet appointment was this morning and from what i heard her tell daddy on the phone, it went well. she had to have blood taken (she does this every 3 months) and i guess her results were good. they found nothing wrong with her and pronounced her to be in good coat. she was gone to work late tonight making up the time she missed while she was at the vet so i didn’t get love time (and unfortunately my medication) until 8:00 tonight. i did get extra cuddle time this morning — mommy and i were so comfortable that we let the alarm ring for almost 5 minutes before daddy came in and turned it off and helped mommy get out of bed. i wish it could have been longer but mommy had to shower and eat breakfast.

today, i helped daddy with the housework. i helped him fold clothes and i got the sheets all furry for him. unfortunately, mommy is allergic to the fur so we had to wash them. 🙁 oh well… it doesn’t take long to get them furry again and my siblings will help!


talking in her sleep

first, this is a picture of me being a silly girl on top of mommy’s bookcases in minnesota.

mommy came home after going over to the building where daddy teaches people about Jesus (i think it’s called a “church”?) and collapsed on the couch after changing back into her pajamas. i came and helped her go back to sleep, thinking it would be a short nap. it was 5 hours long and at one point, mommy started talking in her sleep! daddy was home and he came over and started talking gently to mommy to calm her down. she rolled over and went back to sleep.

mommy is wanting to sleep a lot today and she isn’t happy about it. i don’t understand this because i’m a cat and i think sleeping is part of my job but mommy says she has things to do and can’t just sleep all day and then go to work tomorrow. she said she was going to make pesto today. i asked if i could help and she said that i was welcome to keep her company in the kitchen. i can do that!

tomorrow, she has to go to her normal vet and because her appointment is later than when she has to normally leave, she told me that i can have extra mommy time with her tomorrow morning. i’m so excited!


saturday mornings

here is a picture of me helping with the laundry:

i like to curl up in the laundry hamper and help “sort” the clothes. mommy and daddy should know by now that all the dark clothes go in with me! i don’t understand why the light-colored sheets got tossed in here!

mommy fell asleep on the coutch watching tv last night and i didn’t know that this was a sleep-in morning for her so i woke her up at 7:15. after she visited the human litterbox, she grabbed me and went into the bedroom to climb into bed with daddy. i snuggled both of them to make up for waking mommy up early on a day when she could have slept in and snuggled with me. they stayed in bed for a long time this morning — i think both of them were tired from the week.

daddy left mommy and i around 10 so he could take a shower to get ready for the trip to great falls. mommy and i got an extra 30 minutes of cuddle time before she had to get up and take a shower too. they had to go to great falls to get mommy’s sunglasses made and to buy catfood for my brothers and sister and me. they also had lots of human food when they got back. i tried to help put it away but mommy told me that it wasn’t in my job description. at least i tried to help!

mommy still has to give me the yucky white medicine but she pets me and loves me up before and after she gives it to me. she also shoots it down my throat so i don’t have to taste it too much. she says the lump on my chin is better which i guess is good.

tomorrow, she and daddy have to go to the building where daddy teaches people about Jesus. mommy is singing tomorrow too. they have joked about taking me but i don’t think the people at the building would appreciate it. i am a well-behaved panther but some of them don’t like panthers, i guess. i hope mommy brings my babysitter back with her so i can cuddle with her too.


adventures at the vet

this is me in statue pose on mommy’s desk when we lived in minnesota.

this morning, daddy brought my carrier down from the guest room and asked me to go in. i didn’t really want to go in the first time because my brothers and sister were watching but daddy held me in front, and i decided to be a cooperative panther and go in. he then carried me to the car and seat-belted me in the car. i wanted to look out the window so i asked daddy the whole way there if he could turn me around to face the window. i guess i got a little whiny because daddy turned off the radio to talk to me gently and assure me that it would be ok. i guess he doesn’t speak pantherese like mommy does because he didn’t understand that i just wanted to be turned around.

we got to the vet and they let me right into the exam room where they took a look at my chin and decided to take some fluid out of it for a biopsy. it hurt but i was good and let daddy just hold me while he did it. he took it to his room and told us a few minutes later that it was just some inflammatory cells and that it was likely just some bad acne that got infected (according to daddy — he was explaining this to mommy on the cell phone once we were out). i decided to go back in my carrier and hide while he was in there.

the panther doctor decided to check my ears and clean them. i hate having my ears cleaned! i protested greatly but did not bite daddy or the panther doctor. they let me stay in my carrier on my kitty blanket but with the top off which helped a bit because i had something comfortable to lie on. according to the panther doctor, i also have an ear infection. maybe that’s why cleaning my ears hurt so much?

the panther doctor decided to give me some clavamox which is yucky-tasting. daddy was holding my back end, the panther doctor was holding my front end, and the panther helper was trying to shoot it down my throat. i would have rather been held lovingly and petted while they medicated me (like mommy does) and i decided to spit it back at them. (mommy was laughing quite hard when daddy told her about it on the cell phone later.) i eventually decided to swallow the second half of the dose.

daddy then put the top back on the carrier, paid the panther doctor, and took me out to the car so he could call mommy. we then drove home with daddy talking to me. i howled at him for the rest of the day, protesting the ear cleaning and the medication because it wasn’t fun and mommy would have been gentler with me.

when mommy came home today, she picked me up and snuggled me while walking around finding the medication. we sat down on the couch and she wrapped me in a towel because she has shorts on and didn’t want to get claw marks on her legs. she scratched my ears and then stuck the medicine dropper down my throat while petting me. i cooperated because it was mommy and i am a momma’s girl at heart. she had to do the medicine in two doses but she was gentle and kissed my head and told me that i was a good panther, so i did cooperate for her. after she was done, she petted me and loved me up.

according to mommy, my chin lump is smaller (probably from the panther doctor removing the fluid) and she says i’ll be better in a few days. i hope so. i don’t want to go back to the panther doctor again for a long time!


vet appointments

first… a beautiful picture of me from the archives:

that’s me posing for mommy on top of her old desk in minnesota.

mommy got through her two vet appointments this week. one was a vet checking her eyes and she came home with orange stuff around them. (a note from edda’s mommy, jen: that was the dye from the glaucoma test. i blinked most of it out with the anesthetizing drops.) yesterday, she and daddy drove 3 1/2 hours to kalispell so another vet could stick sharp and pointy objects up her nose to see if she had recovered from her nose surgery. she says she doesn’t have to go back to that vet again and i think she is happy about that. she has her BIG vet appointment on monday and she might have to get shots. (jen’s note: no shots — just unpleasant exams.)

speaking of vets, i have to go see mine tomorrow. i have a lump on my chin that hurts and mommy has had to drain and clean it out every day. she is worried about me getting an abscess (whatever that is) so she called the panther doctor and made an appointment for me tomorrow morning. daddy is going to take me because mommy has to go work to buy me tuna and catnip. (daddy works too but he has some flexible hours.) i helped mommy put my car crate together tonight and she put one of my brothers’ kitten blankets from our grandma in there so i will have a panther nest while i ride in the car. i hope my vet visit goes well and the panther doctor can figure out what is on my chin…