An Update

Most of you already know this but my beloved Edda disappeared on November 12, 2014 and never came home. We think that coyotes attacked her. It’s taken me two years to be able to type this. My heart is still incredibly broken.

Thank you so much for all your friendship. I have met some very wonderful people through my special girl.


jen (Edda’s mommy)

not fair!

the daniel kitten is always chasing me now! i’ll flee to mommy’s lap and she’ll try to protect me but she still lets him pet me. lately he has been pinching me which mommy stops immediately but i do not like this! he also makes loud noises to scare my siblings and me.

thankfully, he is back in school now so i get cuddles with mommy for 5 hours in the morning. he has afternoon therapy though for 3 hours so my siblings and i are locked in our lair. one of the therapists loves black cats but i have not gone out to see her yet.

now to “help” mommy play her computer games!


catching up

spammers tried attacking this site so mommy has had to come over and do lots of maintenance.  while she was working, i climbed on her lap and refused to get off her chest until she updated the site.  the daniel kitten is walking now and has learned how to run so i also didn’t want to leave because i didn’t want him to chase me.

the daniel kitten had another seizure in december, a week-long hospital stay in january, and another seizure in february.  mommy has also been fighting her own health issues and had to have a special camera look in her tummy in may. it turns out that she has lots of ulcers so she has been having to take special medicine and not eat certain foods.

other than that, life is normal. the daniel kitten has one full year of school finished and will finish up his summer session next week. he’ll be home for 2 weeks and then start the regular school year. mommy is kind of dreading this because she loves her mornings when daniel is at school. i like them too because sometimes she takes naps and i get to help her with those.


mommy just found out that my friend huffle crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. i am very sad and mommy is stunned.  please pray for her humans tracey and kendall as well as her obnoxious little brother teddy.


moved over here

my mommy has been very busy in the last few months.  the daniel kitten was off school for several weeks in june and then had 4 weeks of summer school.  during the time off, mommy and the daniel kitten took a surprise trip to los angeles to surprise daddy’s father for father’s day.  after 4 weeks of summer school, the daniel kitten was off for another 4 weeks and mommy did not have much online time.

when the daniel kitten went back to school, there was a problem with his teacher which caused mommy lots of hissing and growling.  thankfully, it got resolved.  mommy is also editing a book of devotions for a family friend right now so her lap is usually taken up by her laptop.  even when i come and purr on her chest, she hasn’t been good at updating my blog.  this is resulting in some well-placed clawing on my part so mommy decided to fix this.

mommy is having some problems updating wordpress and uploading stuff so please be patient — this will be a catted-up site soon.



well, the daniel kitten has been in preschool for almost 2 months now and it means that he is gone for almost 5 hours in the morning and takes at least a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. my sunbeam is next to his pack n’ play so i guess you could say that i spend some time with him. my favorite activity is curling up on mommy and making her go back to sleep in the mornings. she says it ruins her productivity but i think she secretly likes it.

 mommy did the promise walk again this year and her team raised $800, $700 of which was mommy. she is very happy.

oh yes, mommy had a scare on april 6th. she had been out shopping all afternoon and came home to find the daniel kitten kind of loopy and fussy. she had him on her lap when he pitched to the side. she laid him on the floor and he started having a seizure. mommy grabbed the phone and dialed 911 while taking his temperature (which was 103F — very bad). all of a sudden the house filled with strange men and they took the daniel kitten and a crying mommy away. it turns out that the stomach bug he had made him spike a fever really quickly which caused the seizure. he was observed and given some tylenol at the hospital and sent home. daddy brought them home about 5 hours later. it was a bummer because the next day was the daniel kitten’s 3rd birthday and he couldn’t participate in the easter egg hunt. mommy and daddy had a small party for him at grandma and grandpa’s house on easter though.

 the daniel kitten finishes school next wednesday and has a few weeks off until summer school starts. mommy is happy for that because she enjoys her quiet mornings with me.


palm sunday

mommy has been really suffering with sleep deprivation and headaches from allergies and rain so she and the daniel kitten skipped palm sunday worship today. i got to be mommy’s cuddle cat so i had no problem with it.

the daniel kitten turns 3 on saturday and will be going off to preschool on the 11th. i hope this means mommy will have more time to blog for me because he’ll be in school 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. mommy is having to figure out what to send for snack because he is a picky eater. i suggested tuna but mommy disagrees.


happy valencat’s day

the daniel kitten is asleep on the living room floor (mommy gave up on putting him down for a nap months ago and lets him sleep where he falls) and i jumped up on the kitchen chair next to mommy, demanding that we update my blog.

the daniel kitten was diagnosed with autism at the beginning of january so mommy has been running around like she was chasing her tail trying to handle all the doctors’ appointments, psychologist appointments, appointments with the school district (he turns 3 in april and they have to work on his preschool plans), training in aba methods for teaching the daniel kitten basic skills, as well as the normal therapy appointments.

additionally, she has had a cough for 3 months and the stupid doctor could not tell her what was wrong. he put her on 10 days of antibiotics that made her tummy sick. she finally got some relief from a friend’s suggestion that she take a spoonful of honey when she starts having the coughing spasms. it seems to be working. in the meantime, she has had to sleep in the recliner in the living room and i’ve come and snuggled with her every night.

even though we are now in northern california, we don’t have any of that annoying white stuff — just rain and according to the lady on tv, we have not received enough of it. i am an indoor panther so i do not worry about having to go outside and getting wet when we have it.


long time with no update

mommy has been consumed with all the things going on with the daniel kitten that she hasn’t had time to help me blog. the daniel kitten has had various therapies and doctor’s appointments and mommy is usually pretty exhausted all the time. i try to help out by purring on top of her. the daniel kitten also spent thanksgiving in the hospital so mommy is dealing with that because she was also sick and she was the one who gave him the cold. her cold has turned into a sinus/bronchial infection so she’s even flatter than normal.

mommy is broken up over ginger jasper being so sick, especially because he reminds her of my brother finian. she and i send our prayers and purrs to him and to his humans barrie and carol.

calming down

i have informed mommy that it has been two months since she helped me post and that this is unacceptable. she told me that if i wanted to make phone calls and yell at people for her, she would help me blog. we compromised on me cuddling her at all opportune times and being her petting cat while she yelled at social security and various doctor’s offices.

another reason that mommy has not posted much is that she has been gone to a family wedding, the promise walk for preeclampsia (we raised $200), family gatherings, a family funeral, and all the errands she has to do with the daniel kitten. the daniel kitten also objects to her being on her laptop when he is awake so she has to sneak on when he is taking a nap, when daddy is home, or when the daniel kitten is asleep.

summer has come to northern california and we had a week where the temperatures were in the 100’s. we have air-conditioning so i did not notice too much but mommy whined about having to go outside to do errands or to work in the garden. some snails also ate her beans and some of her basil so she has been grumping about that. she replaced the basil and put down some snail bait that is so icky that she had to shower after using it.

the daniel kitten is pretty much all recovered from his hospital stay. mommy still has to give him shots but that will hopefully be over soon. his crawling has gotten faster and he is almost walking on his own. i am not approving of this.